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Welcome to the maze game headquarters of the Internet where you can play tons of fun mazes. See the scary maze link for something you can use to get a laugh out of your friends. You can also use the generator to make your own to print out for classes or just for fun. Either way, we think you'll have a very good time! However, you will not find any other game genres on this site. Take your turn at our featured one below.

Featured Maze

The idea of this maze game is to press the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the red ball to the blue square. What's challenging is that the ball moves in a straight line and then stops at the walls. That means you can only change the ball's direction once it has stopped against a wall. At that point, you can only move in a straight line up, down, left or right. If you get stuck, you can start over by pressing the CTRL button on your keyboard. For Mac users that's the Apple key. See how many levels you can beat and challenge your friends? One tip is that you might want to consider several of your moves before you make them so that you don't end up stuck (amazing how it imitates life, right?). This game is just one of the many great ones offered on Enjoy!

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